Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk

At first Sir Ken Robinson started off the talk with a very casual introduction. He introduces his topic as education because he has noticed that everyone has an interest in education because education has is supposed to pave the future for us but yet no one can grasp what the future will look like. His style is very formal and opinionated, it is almost as if he is having a conversation with the crowd. The thing that really struck me as a good fact that all kids are not frightened of being wrong there for no matter if they no the answer or not they will give it a go. But as you get older and age everyone begins to not take that risk because in the world we live in today being wrong is one thing no one wants to be. Sir Ken Robinson brings up a valid point when he mentions that every school on the planet has the same common higher Archy of needs which revolve around math and English. Subjects like these are placed by importance of which classes are used the most in jobs. The main question that makes me ask myself is why are these classes more important then singing, dance, art, etc? He explains how intelligence is made from experience and interactions. I really enjoyed the story how everyone's intelligence is distinct and that those who find their talents find them in a way that no one could imagine. Such as the girl named Jillian who discovered her talent well at a doctors office. This story is so important because he mentions that normally a kid who cant focus or fig-its in class would be considered to have ADHD and if they were put on medication to treat their condition she may have never realized her talent for dance. Throughout the presentation he interacted with the crowd and made them feel really engaged into his topic and ideas. Robinson used various stories to explain his idea and provide proof of his idea which could persuade his audience to believe in what he is proposing. All of the topics that Sir Ken Robinson talked about are very valid and should not be taken lightly for they are part of our every day life. To me his ideas are very important because I believe that the school system is not for every student and shows sometimes by students who excel in some classes and fail in others. Most of his ideas are directed toward education and the flaws that need to be adressed because as we all know education is the one thing that is considered to be necessary to succeed in life. The world should also take interest in the matters that he brings to the table because education does not just relate to the U.S but to every country in the world, and because every school has the same higher Archy of classes then they are probably facing the same problems as the U.S. The way Sir Ken Robinson uses real life stories, humorous jokes, and various ways to connect with the crowd makes his idea that much more important and exiting to listen to.

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