Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Daniel Pink

Throughout Daniel's Ted Talk he is very enthusiastic and extremely into his topic and what he is talking about. Daniel uses facts and statistics to get his point across. When he says that there is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does he is refering to what business people think about insentives and what science studies have showed about insentives. I completley agree with Daniel Pink when he says that when you offer an insentive in getting the job/task done it makes everyone think the same and narrow minded. This mainly is proven to be true because when you are trying to complete something the fastest you often look for the simplest solution therefor you do not think out of the box. I like the way he uses various stories to get his point across and get the audience interested in his idea. Not only are these stories he shares very ineteresting they are all directed to his point and are stories that involve big names such as MIT therefor they are taken very serious. Antonomy, mastery, and purpose are the building blocks that Pink says businesses should be built upon. I love the way he says that money should not be a goal for the employees of a business and should be atonomy. ROWE is the biggest and most interesting example to me of how antonomy is being utilized because it shows that when a worker is not worried about how long they work, how hard, or how productive they are. They are a lot more productive because the worker is doing his or her job because they are self driven and do the job because they love and enjoy what they do. All of these points that Daniel Pink talks about should be important to everyone because the way workers and people think should not be based completely around money. The worker of a company should not do there job well just for rewards but also because they are self motivated and like doing there job well.

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