Thursday, April 19, 2012

Julian treasure

Julian's Ted Talk was focused on the four main ways that music and sound can affect your body. Which includes physically, psychologically, cognitively, and behaviorally. The way he presented was very unique and something I have never seen before. To interact with the audience and show what sounds may have an impact on your body he would play the sound while talking about a topic it related to. For example when he was talking about how some music could calm the body he played the sound of a bird chirping because it was calm and has been proven to have a positive affect on the body. Throughout presenting his idea he talked as if he was in a serious conversation with everyone in the audience which kept me more interested because it let me know that he was very serious about what he was talking about. One thing that I will definitely never forget is what he said about sound/music in a working environment. What scientific studies have concluded is that if you work in an environment that is very noisy and one that you can not really concentrate in. Then your productivity goes down by sixty six percent. Compared to if you are listening to music you like while working your productivity increases by three hundred percent. Everyone should be interested in this topic because everyone is around sound and listens to music on a daily basis. To me this Ted Talk was important because I learned how sound and music can have negative and positive affects on my daily life. This is important to education because it may encourage some teachers to play soothing music during classes or may encourage some to not allow music in their class at all. Looking at  it from a business stand point in his Ted Talk Julian mentioned how music that stores play can have an impact on store sales. When a store plays music that appeals to specific consumers their sales can drop by twenty five percent. Every waking minute we are all around sound so everyone should be interested in this idea of sound and the affects it has on our body.

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