Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dave Eggers

I really enjoy that Dave wasn't afraid to admit that he was extremely nervous and shows me that it is okay to be nervous. He mentions that he grew up around teachers and quickly realized all of the struggles that teachers have. One thing that they told him was that if they had more bodies that understood English or any topic it would make teaching easier for them. Mainly because they don't get enough one on one time with every student. When he moved back he opened up a huge office to join the communities of writers and students at 826 Valencia. The one problem that he faced was that his land lord told them that they had to find something to sell. They decided to sell pirate supplies because of what they discovered when they removed the old flooring and things on the wall really looked like a ship. Dave Eggers really connects with the audience threw his stories and really fun and interactive photos relating to what he was talking about. He presents all of his information in the form of a story which I really like because as the audience I am always waiting to hear what happens next. The goal of his operation was to get a one to one ratio for students to have one on one attention with an educator. It was very successful because kids were not ashamed and didn't feel pressure to be wrong and really enjoyed the one on one time. Homework was finished by all of the kids who attended and took advantage of this opportunity which also approved the community. One thing I enjoyed was that throughout Dave's Ted Talk he continued to talk with motivation and a sense of importance which kept my attention from beginning to end. The creation of the book was amazing because the book was made of a massive number of students and tutors working together. Even though the store was created as a gag it actually was making money and attracted the community to see what was going on. From donors to teachers to educators everyone was interested in what was going on. Which sparked someone to take the same idea to Brooklyn, and that store was called Brooklyn Super Heroes Supply Co. Many other states are jumping on the band wagon and it is amazing to see. This idea to me is a very good idea that should be expanded to every state because the importance of it is huge and should be taken seriously. Education is the main topic of Dave's idea and is a new and innovative way to give students the opportunity to receive one on one time with a teacher. Which can change a students life entirely and can make them realize that they can do things they may have thought impossible. Soon these fun and inspiring work shops will be open at every city. Mainly because it is an idea that will never have a level of success and is fun for all to participate in.

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